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About us

Smart granting the Government funding for your project is our Vision. With over 200 successful applications, we are able to provide a complete one-stop solution package with specialised experience to assist our clients for applying different Government’s grant funding such as “Dedicated fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD fund)” - 「發展品牌、升級轉型及拓展內銷市場的專項基金」, “TVP” - 「科技券計劃」以及 “The Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS) under the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF)” -「創新及科技基金企業支援計劃」. We have a proven track record of helping our clients realise their granted projects, building more sustainable business and gaining the Government financial aid they deserve.

Our Services

We are a dedicated and experienced team with know-how from the initial assesement to the coordination of the grant projects. We work through exploring your oppurtunities, understanding any obstacles to your success, and identifying the best possible outcomes for the grant funding you're eligible for, so that you can remain focused on your businesses with hassle-free along the application of Government funding.






Our Team

Have a range of consultants that work with and often refer to clients if we identify that a client might get some value from their services. Our expertise covers Marketing, branding, R&D, IP protection, training and development, business planning, digital marketing, business strategic planning and policy development where Nextus has identified some extraordinary people with a wealth of knowledge and skills.

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